mentors at the centre


Last year I befriended two cool dudes who tried to save me from an unfortunate bike rental incident.  Arriving frazzled at my destination from the poorly functioning bike, they kindly offered to chauffeur me and my bike back to my destination.  Sadly, the oversize hot-pink piece of steel with streamers and matching helmet wouldn’t fit in the car. This incident turned out to be a blessing in disguise – this was the beginning of an important life change.


We became friends, dined, smoked cigars and talked business and training. One suggested I try strongman and he began to talk about his evolving career. After about 50 strangers meandered their way over to our table and requested pictures or autographs I finally ask: “..sooo who are you..?”. I was being entertained by Elliott and Eric Hulse.


That day I crawled out from under a rock and saw the world for what it could be. That week opened a spectrum of endless possibilities. I discovered and fell in love with a new sport, I altered the way I do business and I felt like my potential to live the life I dream is endless.

I was reunited with the Hulse brothers again this year and can say that I feel incredibly lucky to have them as my mentors. A good mentor will share with you their knowledge, business skills and offer a unique perspective. Mentors use their valuable life experience to guide you down the path of success. For me, I found wisdom on industry norms and possibilities, met other experienced people and enjoyed socializing.


Eric Hulse is an inspiration teacher who mentors youth on the topic of health, fitness and wellness. He pursues higher education to inspire future adults to make the right decisions on being healthy and happy.

Elliott Hulse is an inspirational father, not just to his 4 adorable children but to his family of over 1 million followers. He consistently seeks to better himself to be a better role model to those who follow his movement. I’ve been very inspired by his endless transformation and continue to be amazed at his ability to communicate more than words.


You may have heard of fight or flight – this is the primal survival mechanism that saves your ass in the event of danger, but also has an impact on how you function. Experts like Maslow theorized on the topic of safety, Freud looked at basic drives and Lewin’s view on existentialism looked at tribe formation. Think of “mentors” as “tribe members”, back in the day you’d have more than your immediate family, you’d have a tribe help out and keep you safe. Without your tribe you’re survival would be threatened! These experts would argue that your association with a tribe/family would ultimately impact development of the brain and how you function in other avenues of life. Lets look at the three brain stems and how they impact us:


#1 Brain stem/reptilian brain whose function is safety, sustenance and sex/procreation;

#2 Mammilian brain the centre for love and emotion;

#3 Neocortex/intellectual brain is the human capicity for thought, word, deed and creation.

Impaired reptilian brain equals impairment through the chain of command. Though tribal association is only one factor; For better thoughts/creation and healthy emotions on the home/work front keep the reptilian brain safe and healthy.


You don’t need to be rubbing elbows with the Hulse brothers to find mentors, look around you: family members, friends, colleagues. Everyone in your life is a mentor and essential in your personal success!

As I grow, I have access to mentors/friends and can continue gaining perspective or suggestions. As much as I insist on carving my own path in life, I’ve always had a good friend to soundboard my ideas. Either its my training coach for training and lifestyle changes, my mom for kitchen disaster management or a celebrity to discuss dealing with growing success. I’m not saying that you need to create co-dependence and pass on the torch for your own fire – in the end you have to govern your own success or you may not find true happiness.


I should hope to emulate both Eric and Elliott by being the strongest version of myself in order to be teacher, mentor and responsible foremost of myself before helping others. Which brings me back to my catch key phrase: “Be active, be awesome, become socially responsible and influence someone around you to do the same.”



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