Hi! My name is Aimee Rose.  I’m a Personal Trainer, Life Coach and sports enthusiast. Having struggled most of my life with mild disabilities, I have committed my life to self-improvement and my career to empowering others with knowledge to do the same.

I began my journey into strongman in January 2014. I have since made consistent improvements in performance and demonstrate great promise. As with most women, I hadn’t explored much maximal strength training and was surprised to discover that I, the bodybuilder and endurance athlete was naturally gifted in the realm of strength sports. My 150lb deadlift soon turned to 200 and 300 upward. I was lifting 150lb atlas stones and walking 100 feet with a 400lb implement on my back.

In truth, this sport found me. I discovered it at a time when I was tired of applying my focus and drive on a body-image driven sport and I was happy as a coach to show my clients that things other than fat-loss and body-image were valid goals. “Strong” and “powerful” are words that are taboo in the realm of women’s fitness.  I should hope that through my continued involvement in this sport as a serious athlete and my ambition to promote it that my homeland will offer women like me more opportunities to express ourselves through strength athletics.

This site was developed to blog about topics of strongman, general fitness and promoting strongwoman as a sport.  I challenge my own body stigmas in present them to the world as acceptable and have honoured my values to remain as authentic as possible.  I am using my own vantage point as a new athlete in this sport to offer other women a different norm.  Are you as strong as you can be?  Take what you need from this site to become mentally/physically stronger and empower yourself to break from social dogma.

My mantra! Be active, be awesome, become socially responsible and influence someone around you to do the same.

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