easy microwave protein muffin

In the spirit of my no-nonsense approach to life, this is my first blog-recipe and will skip the chatter and get right to the point.  Eating+quality food+training+recovery=gainz.



-large soup mug
-1 banana mashed
-1 scoop choice chocolate protein (I have whey)
-1 scoop collagen
-1 tbs cocoa
-1 tbs choice flour (I used rice)
-1 egg
-1-2 tbs nut butter
-2 tbs water (or more depending on flour or protein used)


Insert banana in mug, mash banana with fork.  Forget all of this wet and dry nonsense and put the rest of the ingredients in the bowl. Use fork to mix until common sense tells you to stop.

Microwave on and off for about 5 minutes to avoid explosion (because cleaning the microwave would bring your prep time over 5 minutes).

Top with your choice coconut butter and wait long enough until common sense tells you its safe enough to not burn your tongue.  Enjoy!



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