strongwomen events

If you are a Canadian promoter and would like your Strongwoman event listed here, please send me the information via the contact form

AUGUST 16, 2014

Quest Personal Training Strongman
1020 Montreal Road | Cornwall, Ontario
10 am until 5 pm
Cost: $50
Prizes: 200-300$

Female: No weight division’s
Events: exact details and order will be explained the day of the competition
Tire Flip Most Flips in 60 seconds
Women weight: 350-550lb Tire
Deadlift for Reps- No straps
Women weight: 225lbs
Log Press- 3 attempt Max
Yoke- Fastest time to complete course
Medley- Implement over bar and drag another implement 25 feet


AUGUST 16, 2014

Southside Park / Woodstock, ON
Registration at 11am, Contest at noon
$40 entry fee
Cash to top finishers

Female: No weight division’s
Yoke for 75′ 375 lbs for women
Max log 72 lbs increases by 10lbs women
Tire flip approx 300 lbs women
Carry & drag for 50′ each farmers 121/hand women / sled 300 lbs women


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